We carry some of the most spectacular colors and blends in our imported stone.  Real stone cut flooring, mantles, veneer squares, some of the pieces have authentic fossils imbedded in the stone.  The perfect stone for indoor and outdoor use.



Indian Flagstone FossilIndian-Flagstone-Flooring  Indian-Flagstone-Sink



  • Imported Stone Patio

    Our imported stone makes a great patio with fossil remains imbedded in some pieces. The colors are amazing

  • Imported Stone Patio

    This real stone cut flooring is the perfect solution to both outdoor and indoor applications

  • Sink Basin

    Beautiful and rustic

  • Veneer Walls

    Great blend of colors when veneered vertically on outdoor and indoor walls

  • Counter Top

    This counter is both classic and durable using our imported stone

  • Flooring

    Imported flooring as an indoor tile is both beautiful and lasting

  • Patio

    Great as an outdoor patio

  • Bathroom Flooring

    This flooring will never wear out and is perfect for a wet environment

  • Patio

    Great blend of browns

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