Quarry Stone

We carry the largest assortment of Quarry Stone in the Upstate.  From Stair Treads to Rubble, we have a complete complement of products, colors and sizes.

gray-rubble brown-stair-thin

Brown-Ashler Gray-Ashler gray-rubble brown-rubble brown-stairs

Arrowhead-caps-24 CO-Gray-caps-24

  • Stair Treads Brown

    Stair Treads are perfect for many landscape applications other than the obvious use as steps. These stones are usually 36 and 48 inches wide, 18 inches deep and can vary from 6 to 8 inches thick, consistent in size to make a uniform application. Fieldstone steppers would be much more irregular and vary widely in size and shape.

  • Greenville Tech Barton Campus Stone Bench

    Each bench has a unique size and color.

  • Ashler Mix Spire

    Ashler stone makes for a variety of applications. This beautiful spire is a great accent.

  • Clemson Memorial Park Walkway

    This walkway incorporates Crab Orchard gray slabs individually shaped with Fieldstone joints. A truly memorable walkway!

  • Ashler Fireplace

    This spectacular fireplace illustrates the varied shapes and colors of our brown quarried Ashler.

  • Rubble Gray Wall

    This wall demonstrates the look and feel of Rubble. The blend of browns and grays are common in the Crab Orchard range.

  • Gray Rubble and Quarry Stack Fireplace

    This photo from the same project gives a closeup view to the blend of the stones.

  • Heritage Park Ashler Walls Ball Park

    Heritage Park in Simpsonville is stocked with our stone, creating a beautiful park environment.

  • Heritage Park Ashler Walls Ball Park

    A close-up view of the walls at Heritage Park.

  • Heritage Park Ashler Column

    This closeup view of the Ashler used throughout the park shows the blend of colors and contractor workmanship creating a warm and inviting feel.

  • Ashler Walls and Stone Table

    Another view of the same project. Note the warm feel of this roofed patio.

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