Sealers, Cleaners, Blades and Fabric

Cleaners-sealersSRW-RackWe have the best selection of stone and paver cleaners and sealers in the Upstate.  Saw-BladesCleaners range from efflorescent to stain removal and sealers from solvent based to water based, glossy to matte finish.  We represent a number of reputable brands that specialize in the trade.  We also carry a full line of diamond blades at incredible prices.  Quality and price.

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  • Crab Orchard Gray Flooring

    Before sealing the colors are muted and drab.

  • Crab Orchard Gray Flooring

    It is easy to see the deep rich colors enhanced with our sealers.

  • Pennsylvania Lodge Flooring

    This photo taken from our showroom demonstrates the difference between sealed and unsealed stone.

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